Monday, January 14, 2008

Driving to get lunch can get ya thinking

Today I was driving to get my lunch and I noticed on the side of a towing truck..."Give time for Jesus, Because he did it for you" (roughly that is what it said=) and recently I've been surrounding by messages to giving more time to God. Spending that extra minute a day to read the bible, or saying that one prayer...not for you but for others. And it makes me think how lucky that I am to be able to do that in the first place.
I'm no scholar in the Bible department by any means. I can't tell you peoples names and I can't even tell you what order the books of the bible go in. But I look at those who can do that and it makes me want to spend that time with God, to make me want to read my bible and learn the word more, and understand the bible. A very smart friend of mine once said "It's the best book, it's got Drama, Romance, all the good stuff we want to read about" and I started to read it last night, and by goodness that girl is right! I couldn't put it down, it was like I was reading a trashy romance novel off the penny book shelf. (No I'm not comparing the Bible to a trashy penny novel) (and the only person I know that reads those is my 83 year old grandmother, God Bless Her, she can't keep her nose out of em') But my point is, my goal this year is to listen more to the word and understand it in today's time. To put it to my everyday life and tell people about all the good things. Because yes be surprised, but I am a very shy person when it comes to talking to people about how I feel about the Bible, and my opinion. But I love the Bible...and I can't wait to read all of it.

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Beth Allison said...

Maci, you're the best! I love you and I love your blog! It rocks! Keep it up - I like reading your thoughts!