Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Love this Old Broad

I am sitting here in the afternoon thinking about my grandmother, and on the way home I will probably call her to see if she got her "2008 Squirrel Calender"

You see this woman isn't a fan of squirrels, and ever since I found that out, I sure do egg in on. This is my mothers mom, and she is a hoot to be around, and I hope she is around for a while longer. Back to the squirrels, I'll just say it this way (beacause I don't want anyone to turn my grandmother in to the society of killing animals) she gives them the gas treatment. They bring sticks in her yard, and she makes them dead meat. I send her squirrel cards, calenders, snowglobes, flags, you name it, we get it for her. I think when she passes, in honor of the old broad we will put a squirrel on her grave. And I know she would haunt me if I did, she'll know who did it.

I just want everyone to raise there glass to the best grandmother in the world! (I had two, but my other grandmother passed away April 2004...missyou =)

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