Sunday, December 5, 2010

On a new and different road...

I've not been on this thing in forever. I don't even know if there is anyone out there to read it. But all I know is...I don't use a journal anymore, and I want to write what is in my heart and what is on my mind.

I've had a lot of changes over the past couple months, some very good...some not so good. I am growing into a different person and need to grow and become myself again.

One thing about me is, I LOVE LIFE. You only live once, and yes people make mistakes. But there is someone above us that took care of that and made sure we could still get to those pearly gates. I'm learning to love even the smallest things in life. When someone in the line of a grocery store says "I wish I was has happy as you" you seem to find out that there is something going right in your life.

I have deleted a lot from my past sadly, but will learn to grow because of it. I have the most amazing family that is getting me through a hard time, and friends that I wouldn't trade for the world. Everyone of them make me happy and help me see what life has to offer.

So here I go world...setting out on a new adventure...hope you can handle it, because I'm barefoot and running free, ready to live my life to the fullest that it can be lived for. I want to discover God in ways that I've never discovered him. I want to travel. I want to cook things I never thought I'd be able to cook. I want to go to concerts that I never would spend the money on. I want excel in my company and do great things to show my peers and managers what I can do. I want to experience life at a different level with the people in my life by my side.

here i come...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Obsessed with Cooking

I have joined this little group called the nest, and navigated my way to a group that is called What's Cooking. I was always a "lurker" on the boards b/c some of the boards can be brutally honest or very very mean. And I made my way into What's Cooking and noticed that there were many many nice girls on here. So I planted my feet at this board to post comments and get ideas. Well each of these girls have there own cooking blog, which is where I got the idea to do mine. And now I am taking pictures of food and cooking up all the time, and getting great ideas from all the other blogs. There are so many out there I wish I could list them all. I just finished baking "Angie's Favorite Strawberry Cupcakes" a recipe on a blog that I stumbled upon. I've not burned anything yet, maybe just made the kitchen a little smokey. But I am enjoying cooking and baking more and more! Check out my blog if you want to get some salivating good ideas for supper. They've all been very good in my opinion and I hope you try them out. But come on over to my house and let me cook ya something!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Longing for His words...

Right right at this very moment, I want to stop everything I am doing, open my bible and start to study something to make my knowledge of Him much more. I have this burning sensation inside my heart that I need Him right now, not that I'm doing something wrong, but I want to be at a place of happiness by reading His very precious words from the most amazing book ever written.
I'm reading a book that a very dear friend of my suggested, but I've never actually got around to buying it. Well I stuck out and bought it..."Looking for God" by Nancy Ortberg. And I'm only on the first chapter, and it might take me longer to read this book b/c I want to soak it in, I want to LOOK for God like she is opening up my eyes to do. The very first chapter talks about having "Quiet Time" with God, how people will make it a point to say that they've had their "30 minutes with God and He spoke to me with such strength and power, and He swept over my soul and made tears fall from my eyes and the blood in my veins flow faster than they ever have...." you get the gist. Well, it made me realize just stopping and having that quite moment may not come down to opening up your bible and studying scriptures, it can come all the way down to just stopping to look at the things that He put in your life, the joys of children, husbands, family and friends right at your very eyes that you might look over b/c you want to quote the bible or you want to let everyone know that you've done your "time" for the day. Because you shouldn't make only 30 minutes with God you should make every waking moment of your life for Him. Just because you woke up 30 minutes early to read the bible doesn't mean you can do whatever you want the rest of the day, and what I mean by that is...talking bad about people, or cursing at a customer that made you mad, or being rude at the grocery store clerk because they gave you the wrong amount of change...but b/c you had your time with God this morning...that's OK...WRONG! And I'm not saying I don't do it myself, I'm not perfect, no one is. But I need to correct myself, and I need other people to correct myself. But I want to live more for Him, I want to open my eyes to the good things in life that he has given me, that not everyone has and feel blessed for my life. So stop and think b4 you take things for granted and that can be time worth spent with God when you realize what He has give you...I know I will next time.

PS...I am so amazed that everything single word that I just wrote was spelled correctly. I always use spell check to not look stupid because I've spelled something wrong...and the only thing highlighted is Ortberg...YES!! Haha spell check...just a thought =)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Flip Flops Make You Feel Fabulous!

Yes they do yes they do!

I wanted to blog about my favorite thing to wear during my favorite time of year. Flip flops. I love how they flip and flop. I wore my favorite flip flops yesterday. I've had them for three years. They are silver Target flip flops with beads. They go with everything, and have been accessorized with many of my outfits. They have been out of the country twice and have been around this country it's fair share of times. They've been on the beach, and been on the Colorado road riding free on a motorcycle, they've been to Kansas to visit with family, they've of course been to work, they've been on a deck of the most beautiful cruise ship, they've probably stepped in their fare share of gum, poop, spit...yuck. But the thing about these flip flops, or any flip flops at this matter is that they make me feel fabulous =) I can wear them with skirts, shorts, capris, bermudas, dresses, and jeans. I can wear them to go get the mail, or to run and get milk at the store, or to let my neighbors dog out. Point being these are the most convenient piece of clothing I wear. I don't wear socks with them (some people might, but they have squinty eyes =) ) I don't have to tie them, I don't have to velcro them. I love flip flops enough to blog about them =) I hope you like flip flops as much as I do. is a thought....

Why spend your money on food that does not give you strength (Isa. 55:2)

Because we foolishly spend money of stuff that doesn't fulfill the soul.

I've never thought about that! I always want to buy more and more junk food, and it doesn't give me energy, it makes me gain weight, and loose control of my better eating habits. It doesn't say on the box "Will run down body, will make you gain a zillion pounds if eaten everyday" it says "NEW!" or "Better Tasting" or you watch the commercials and they are all fun, skippy, having fun eating the most fattening thing on the planet. But I have the hardest time on eating healthier, I will do really really good for a couple weeks, then fall flat on my face. But this time I really want to take if for what it is. This food that runs down my body, isn't good on the soul, and you waste money. I will say no to the cardboard box that doesn't make my body feel as good as I want it to!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tribute to Women

So March is Women's History Month...I was unaware of this until a couple days ago. MSN had a list of a lot of ladies who've made a difference. I think women are very powerful, some people underestimate women, that we can't do some things because we are women, or that we shouldn't say certain things because we are women, ect. But I think woman have gone a LONG way!!! A lot of these woman I have never heard of until now but here are some examples....

Elizabeth Blackwell - She was the 1st American Female Doctor - She had submitted her applications to so many different schools, and they all rejected her. One school took a vote to see if she was capable enough to be a doctor! One of her big accomplishments was in 1868, after the Civil War, she opened the Women's Medical College. That's a pretty amazing woman...

Sally Ride - She was the 1st American Female Astronaut - Many people do know this amazing woman. She went through extensive training to become an astronaut, training that men might say woman couldn't do. And in 1983 history was made by this lady, she was aboard the space shuttle the Challenger. And has spent now over 943 hours in space...pretty wicked!

Janet Guthrie - 1st Woman to compete in the Indianapolis 500 - Before she made history on the Indianapolis track, she would race her Jaguar in the Sports Car Club of American Races. Other "hobbies" (wish these were my hobbies...haha) were a pilot and a flight instructor. She didn't finish the race when she first raced, but raced the next year and finished 9th. And in 1980 she was inducted into the Women's Hall of Fame.

Diane Crump - 1st Woman to ride in Kentucky Derby - Going on to the track she was booed and hissed at but she finished 15th out of 17 horses, and was glad she didn't finish last. In your face booers!!

Agnodice - First Woman to Practice Medicine in Greece - She disguised herself as a man, studied medicine, and set up a huge practice in Athens. She was so successful that other people were jealous. She revealed her inner woman, and was almost sentenced to death, until her patients came to the rescue...(da da da daaaaaa) and said they would kill THEMSELVES. (she must have been darn good) They released her as long as she treated women and only women.

Deborah Sampson - Woman in Disguise - The brave woman dressed up in a soldiers uniform to fight in the Revolutionary War. Got pelted in the leg and she removed the musket balls (bullets in the day I guess) herself so no one would find out her identity. Then she got hit in the shoulder and developed brain fever, and was soon discovered. But was let out of the war on honorable discharge, thanks to Paul Revere.

Rosa Parks - Boy do we all know this powerful woman! She said NO to a man, a white man at that, during the civil rights movement. Now that is brave! So she was arrested and fined for her actions. Which made everyone upset and they boycotted the bus company, which then lead to desegregation. Now that is a strong woman.

I'm honored to be a woman!! We are powerful beings. God made us for a reason!! I'm thankful for that. I know many powerful woman too, all that have made a difference in my life, they may not have made history world wide, but they've made the greatest impact on my heart. I don't want to go naming any names and leave anyone out. But if you've ever given me advice, lended a hand, shared a laugh, made a memory, taught me a lesson, let me cry on your shoulder, and you just got a fuzzy feeling in your tummy because you know I am talking about you...then my friend you've made history to me. I'm blessed with the best friends in the world. The best Mother in the world, the best sister, and the best grandmothers, aunts, cousins, family in general!! I've had many women influence me along my journey of life, and will have many more on this journey called life. I'm thankful to wake up every morning and know there is someone out there that cares about me...doesn't have to, but wants to. I love each and every one of you ladies.

"Cause I'm a Woman....W-O-M-A-N"

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Love this Old Broad

I am sitting here in the afternoon thinking about my grandmother, and on the way home I will probably call her to see if she got her "2008 Squirrel Calender"

You see this woman isn't a fan of squirrels, and ever since I found that out, I sure do egg in on. This is my mothers mom, and she is a hoot to be around, and I hope she is around for a while longer. Back to the squirrels, I'll just say it this way (beacause I don't want anyone to turn my grandmother in to the society of killing animals) she gives them the gas treatment. They bring sticks in her yard, and she makes them dead meat. I send her squirrel cards, calenders, snowglobes, flags, you name it, we get it for her. I think when she passes, in honor of the old broad we will put a squirrel on her grave. And I know she would haunt me if I did, she'll know who did it.

I just want everyone to raise there glass to the best grandmother in the world! (I had two, but my other grandmother passed away April 2004...missyou =)