Saturday, August 16, 2008

Obsessed with Cooking

I have joined this little group called the nest, and navigated my way to a group that is called What's Cooking. I was always a "lurker" on the boards b/c some of the boards can be brutally honest or very very mean. And I made my way into What's Cooking and noticed that there were many many nice girls on here. So I planted my feet at this board to post comments and get ideas. Well each of these girls have there own cooking blog, which is where I got the idea to do mine. And now I am taking pictures of food and cooking up all the time, and getting great ideas from all the other blogs. There are so many out there I wish I could list them all. I just finished baking "Angie's Favorite Strawberry Cupcakes" a recipe on a blog that I stumbled upon. I've not burned anything yet, maybe just made the kitchen a little smokey. But I am enjoying cooking and baking more and more! Check out my blog if you want to get some salivating good ideas for supper. They've all been very good in my opinion and I hope you try them out. But come on over to my house and let me cook ya something!

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Lindsey said...

ooohhhh, your new page is gorgeous! i'm looking forward to your cooking skills put to use on Thursday! Get ready for some cookie baking!!! love you.