Monday, July 21, 2008

Longing for His words...

Right right at this very moment, I want to stop everything I am doing, open my bible and start to study something to make my knowledge of Him much more. I have this burning sensation inside my heart that I need Him right now, not that I'm doing something wrong, but I want to be at a place of happiness by reading His very precious words from the most amazing book ever written.
I'm reading a book that a very dear friend of my suggested, but I've never actually got around to buying it. Well I stuck out and bought it..."Looking for God" by Nancy Ortberg. And I'm only on the first chapter, and it might take me longer to read this book b/c I want to soak it in, I want to LOOK for God like she is opening up my eyes to do. The very first chapter talks about having "Quiet Time" with God, how people will make it a point to say that they've had their "30 minutes with God and He spoke to me with such strength and power, and He swept over my soul and made tears fall from my eyes and the blood in my veins flow faster than they ever have...." you get the gist. Well, it made me realize just stopping and having that quite moment may not come down to opening up your bible and studying scriptures, it can come all the way down to just stopping to look at the things that He put in your life, the joys of children, husbands, family and friends right at your very eyes that you might look over b/c you want to quote the bible or you want to let everyone know that you've done your "time" for the day. Because you shouldn't make only 30 minutes with God you should make every waking moment of your life for Him. Just because you woke up 30 minutes early to read the bible doesn't mean you can do whatever you want the rest of the day, and what I mean by that is...talking bad about people, or cursing at a customer that made you mad, or being rude at the grocery store clerk because they gave you the wrong amount of change...but b/c you had your time with God this morning...that's OK...WRONG! And I'm not saying I don't do it myself, I'm not perfect, no one is. But I need to correct myself, and I need other people to correct myself. But I want to live more for Him, I want to open my eyes to the good things in life that he has given me, that not everyone has and feel blessed for my life. So stop and think b4 you take things for granted and that can be time worth spent with God when you realize what He has give you...I know I will next time.

PS...I am so amazed that everything single word that I just wrote was spelled correctly. I always use spell check to not look stupid because I've spelled something wrong...and the only thing highlighted is Ortberg...YES!! Haha spell check...just a thought =)

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Beth said...

I am so glad I came to catch up on your blog, sweet girl. You are so awesome.